University of North Texas

North Texas Mean Green Eager to Return to Football Action

Seth Littrell's squad hasn't played an opponent since October 17

NBC 5 News

It's been 24 days since the North Texas football team had a chance to make plays in games.

"Our guys have been frustrated," said head coach Seth Littrell. "We had plans to play the last two weeks and game plan and had good weeks of preparation but unfortunately you know weren't able to do so."

A spike in coronavirus cases in El Paso led to one postponement then last Saturday, Apogee Stadium remained silent following an outbreak within the UNT program.

"It's a little weird on that Saturday knowing you're supposed to be playing around this time that you're watching games," said defensive lineman Dion Novil.

Littrell adding, "We had obviously a spike there, I think around this area there's been a lot of spikes and so just got to try and minimize that as much as possible by doing the things you can control, washing your hands and social distancing, wearing a mask."

Littrell feels confident his team will get back on the field this week when it travels to Birmingham, Alabama.

His big defensive lineman, perhaps, sums up the waiting game the best.

"I just hate COVID-19," said Novil. "It's ruined a lot of things."

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