No Pacman Jones Reunion… Please

I know the Cowboys need to cut corner Brandon Carr. They should have done it after the 2014 season but got fooled thinking they had a Super Bowl "window."

I would let corner Mo Claiborne go as well. The LSU product just never turned out to be the defensive playmaker they hoped.

The Cowboys should not bring back Adam Jones. Times aren't that tough. Jones' last game for the Bengals was a pure doozy. In case you forgot he decided to shove Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter and picked up a 15-yard penalty. A penalty that allowed the Steelers to kick the game winning field goal in Cincinnati that ended the AFC North champions playoff run.

Character has always been an issue for Jones. He picked the wrong time to have his "ME" moment.

Yahoo Sports is reporting the Cowboys have an interest in the defensive back they employed during the 2008 season. He was cut and after sitting out one season ended up becoming a nice player for the Bengals. He played there the last six seasons.

Jones says he matured and isn't the same guy he was in 2008 telling NBC Sports Radio, "It was a whole bulk of things but I would say the main thing, man, just me wanting to do good and my kids you know. Nobody wanna be the f–king villain the whole time of their career, you know, at some point you wanna be like, 'Damn, OK, the kid grew up, he understands what life is about. He's moving forward as a father and a husband, like he gets what the main point is,' you know?"

Good luck to Jones. Maybe the Bengals will bring him back... I hope.

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