Millions of Hits to Cowboys Stadium Website Predicted

A website hosting company in Dallas predicts the Cowboys Stadium website will get millions of hits from now through game day. When hundreds of thousands of people descend on Cowboys Stadium for Super Bowl XLV, millions more will visit the venue virtually.

NeoSpire has to make sure the websites of Cowboys Stadium and the team stay up and running safely, an effort that includes protecting the websites from hackers and keeping them from crashing because of any unexpected spikes in visits.

"It's a very cool, interactive website and it's very bandwith intensive. So we have the capacity, no matter how many visitors come to the site, to be able to see that video and take the tours and learn all about the stadium," said NeoSpire president and CEO Mitch Gervis.

He has secured the NeoSpire offices so only certain people are allowed access into the data center, which hosts its clients' servers.

"We're definitely cool and calm and have it under control, but when websites get lots of new traffic that we weren't expecting, that's when I think our admins take a lot of pride in the fact that we're able to keep it up and running," said Gervis.

The Cowboys Stadium website has received 12 million hits since the first of the year. That's 10 times more than usual. So NeoSpire is running on full power and ready for millions more web visitors.

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