Hardy Signing Huge For Dez

Other than Greg Hardy, there might not be anyone in Dallas happier to see the Dallas Cowboys sign the troubled, yet supremely talented defensive end than Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

It's not because Hardy will vastly improve the Cowboys' defense, and in turn give Bryant and the offense more opportunities. Nope, think a little deeper than that.

You see, Bryant didn't get the long-term deal he wanted before the March 2 deadline and instead was hit with the team's franchise tag, giving him a one-year deal to play on, or maybe just to buy some more time for the Cowboys. But if Bryant, as rumored, didn't get the long-term deal because of the club's concerns with his off-field issues and behavior, then the Cowboys have no leg to stand on now.

Bryant might or might not have done something in a Wal-Mart parking lot five years ago, but Hardy almost definitely did some very bad things last year involving domestic abuse, threats of killing people and machine guns on couches. He's a bad dude, but he's also a bad dude on the football field.

The Cowboys aren't the first team to employ a questionable character who's really good at football, and frankly it shouldn't be such a shock and moral dilemma to people that they did sign him. But it should come as sweet validation, of sorts, to Bryant.

Bryant has proven what he means to the Cowboys, which is something Hardy has yet to do. Bryant is right up there with the top two or three wide receivers in football, and if the Cowboys are going to give Hardy a deal then Bryant certainly deserves a bigger one. Don't be shocked to see the Cowboys and Bryant agree to something before the summer and for all the Cowboys-Dez drama to be swept under the table.

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