Garrett on Cowboys’ First Padded Practice: “It Was Sloppy”

Jason Garrett wasn't thrilled with his team's showing in the first padded practice of 2015

Jose Sanchez, NBC 5 Photojournalist

The Dallas Cowboys had their first padded practice of training camp on Saturday, and it didn’t look great. At least, not according to head coach Jason Garrett.

Whether he really was that miffed by the effort he saw on Saturday, or just wanted to light a fire under his players before their second padded practice on Sunday, Garrett offered a couple positives before laying into what he saw as a sloppy showing in Oxnard on Saturday.

I thought we worked hard,” Garrett said, per the Dallas Morning News. “I thought it was competitive. I thought it was spirited.

“I thought it was sloppy. The execution wasn’t really, really good in any phase of our team. I don’t think the communication was what it needed to be. I don’t think the young guys understand the level of commitment they need to make to learn their assignments and learn this game the way it needs to be learned. That’s what gives them the best opportunity.”

Garrett then turned his attention to the team’s physicality--or the lack thereof.

“We need to be a more physical football team than we were (Saturday),” Garrett said. “I think when we talk about tempo, it’s just everybody understanding the pace we go at and what we want to accomplish within the tempo. I thought the physicalness was OK. It needs to be more physical. But we also need to make sure some of those other things that allow us to keep our team healthy, happen. Guys staying on their feet and understanding what the nature of those drills are.”

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