Random Bob Knight Video Moment: the Bob Knight Show Talks Purdue

Bob Knight's abrupt retirement from coaching this week, means looking for a way to summarize a man and a coaching career that was extremely complicated. Knight was a great coach, he graduated players, he was brutally honest, funny and could be completely engaging. He was also a man who demanded discipline and control from others as he seemed incapable of the same in himself. He could be profane, cruel, crude, a jerk and sometimes worse. There are numerous clips of Bob Knight on the internet. This week, we'll post some of the best.

Judging by the decor of the set, and the quality of the video, this was probably from the late 70s or perhaps the early 80s. These days, regardless of the opposing team, nearly every coach seems to go out of their way not to do anything that will piss off another team or school. Not Bob Knight on the subject of Purdue. Bob Knight with his his always supportive buddy/host, Chuck Marlowe talked about how Purdue Athletic Director George King refused an invite to appear on the show. He went out of his way to tweak the Boilermakers with his special guest, "Jack."

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