Motorist Points Gun at Michael Irvin, Backs Off After Recognizing Ex-Cowboy

Trouble, it seems, finds some more than others. Former Cowboys wideout and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, minding his own business as he drove in the Dallas area Monday night, stopped at a red light and noticed that the driver of the vehicle next to him had rolled down his window.

Irvin, who's obviously still wildly popular in the area, did the same, presumably thinking the guy wanted to talk football, or, at worst, would ask for an autograph. Um, not quite:

Irvin put down his window ... and saw the passenger in the other vehicle raise a gun, the [police] report said. Irvin said in an interview Tuesday night that he feared the men had planned to rob him and changed their minds when they saw who he was.

"The passenger pulled out a semiautomatic and I knew what time it was," Irvin said. "But he said 'Oh, that's Michael Irvin, with the Dallas Cowboys.'"

Despite being scared, Irvin said he tried to keep the conversation going. "So we started talking about the Cowboys and everything," he said. "Then they got back on the highway."

"I tell you what, I'm glad he was a Cowboy fan," Irvin said.

It's probably a good thing no one on the current roster was in the car with Irvin or things could've taken a turn for the worse. In all seriousness, I'm glad Irvin was able to talk his way out of a potentially dangerous situation; I'm pretty sure I would have just soiled myself and passed out.

Also worth celebrating: Pacman Jones has been cleared of any involvement, which, I think, is a first. See, things are looking up for the Cowboys' organization.

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