Can Bono Save The (Jerry) World?

Who better to save Jerry World from the recent ignominy stemming from videoboardgate than U2 frontman Bono?

The "face of fusion philanthropy" has campaigned tirelessly for such pressing causes as famine and AIDS pandemic awareness in Africa. He has championed the third-world debt relief cause. Bono even realigned the planets, foiling Lex Luthor and saving the world from certain doom in 1987.

Call it serendipity, then, that Bono will ride into town in October, with the Edge and his stupid skull cap and the rest of U2 in tow for a stop on the U2 360 tour.

Early word has the cost of moving the hellbeast of a screen higher at around $2 million, which is around $2 million more than Jerry wants to spend at this point. And, thanks to Bono and his penchant for world-saving, he won't have to. The band, in order to accomodate their monster stage--which is designed to look like " a spaceship on four legs"-- will raise the damn thing themselves. And shoulder the cost. 

Crisis averted. Thanks again, Bono.

But no; according to the team, the screen will have to return to its original, regulation, troublesome height after the Dubliners depart for Reliant Stadium in Houston. In the San Antonio Express-News this morning, a team spokesman says, “The board will be inoperable at that height and will not be utilized during the show. Following the U2 concert, the board will return to its standard height of 90 feet above the field.”

While it seems that the team will have to move the screen at some point, Jerry remains adamant that it will not budge, making this a prickly impasse of sorts. No one seems to know how or when this problem will be resolved, but one thing seems certain: it will have something to do with a 49 year-old Irish rock star.

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