JerryWorld Makes Splash Across the Pond

Cowboys Stadium, certainly visible throughout the States, is now making an impression in the Old Empire as well.

The Spoiler, which bills itself as a wonderful nest of football and humour--only by football, they mean soccer and by humour, they mean humor (as you can tell, I'll be playing the "Ugly American" in this one)--recently posted an article on the mothership that sits looming now over Arlington, Texas, fawning over the leviathan and saying that it puts Wembley Stadium--home of the English National Team and the FA Cup final, among other things--to shame.

"Scoreboard issues aside," the article says, "Cowboys Stadium is a stunning feat of engineering that makes the new Wembley Stadium seem quite mundane by comparison."

Which may be true. I've never been to Wembley Stadium, but the price tag is at least one aspect that easily surpasses that of Jerry World, a cool $1.57 billion American, which would point to the London structure being anything but mundane. But I'll take the Brits' word for it.

"Our admiration of the Cowboys’ new home doesn’t merely stem from impressed Chelsea fans (the Blues played there during their summer tour) and Wikipedia pages, but a solid testimonial from our globe-trotting friends at Popbitch, who attended the inaugural game last week," the article continues. "They described it as the 'greatest stadium they have ever seen', and one that makes Wembley appear 'pathetic' and 'old fashioned'."

Somewhere, Jerry Jones is smiling. But the article concludes, "In fact, with the obvious exception of the fact that one has to watch American football there, it’s hard to fault Cowboys Stadium."

Yes. And with the obvious exceptions of depressing weather, crappy food, bad teeth, terrible dance music and soccer riots, it's hard to fault London.

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