Gamblers Give Cowboys A Good Shot

Being from Dallas, I was vaguely surprised and slightly dismayed this year when I opened the national pro football preview magazines to discover that my Cowboys were a consensus pick for third in the division, and little hope of anything past a winning December.

This meant (a) that one shouldn't vest their hopes too heavily in this version of the Cowboys and (b) you certainly shouldn't be gambling any substantial money on them.

So I thought., a gambling website, released the Dallas Cowboys' odds of winning the Super Bowl today, and things are looking mighty promising for the 'Boys, at least in the eyes of the bookmakers. I'll let USAP's Ryan Smith explain:

<blockquote>The Cowboys have good odds to win the Super Bowl this season, at 15:1. This type of number illustrates, that sports bookies all over, have decided the Cowboys have a good chance to make it to the promise land and win the title in the last game of the season. 15:1 odds also means that if you lace a bet now on the Cowboys to win it all, the pay out will still be lucrative.<blockquote>

Ho ho, you heard the man; good chance! lucrative!

To put this in perspective, the New England Patriots are at 4-1; the Pittsburgh Steelers are at 9-1; the Atlanta Falcons are in the middle of the pack at 25-1.

While this really means nothing, ultimately, Cowboys fans should revel in any bit of hopeful prognostication they can; because there's not much out there to speak of. At 15-1, the bookmakers are operating on the assumption that Dallas has improved under the radar; this is probably true. But, as has been mentioned tirelessly in this blog, so has their competition.

Dallas was given 9-1 odds to win the Super Bowl last year.

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