Former Cowboys Great Witten Makes High School Coaching Debut

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For former Dallas Cowboys legendary tight end Jason Witten, coaching high school football wasn’t always exactly in the plan.

“If you had told me in November when I was hoping to make the (NFL) playoffs with the Las Vegas Raiders that I’d be the head coach at Liberty Christian four months later, I would’ve said you were crazy,” said Witten.

Crazy, and yet here he is. Witten is now the head coach at Argyle Liberty Christian high school, saying he began his career as a coach with an intrasquad scrimmage to ensure a victory out of the gate, and also emphasizing the impact he hopes to make with these kids.

“I have so much respect and revere for the game because it’s provided so many opportunities for me,” Witten said. “I’m not going to cheat it. Certainly, at this level, you can be a big influence and make a big impact.”

Hoping to influence with things like leadership and X’s and O’s, but also handling the grind that comes with being a high school football coach.

“I’ve learned how to do laundry, wash jerseys, fill up water bottles, and take pads to the field,” Witten said. “The biggest thing is just diving into it.”

Diving into and doing the little things and whatever it takes to help this program win games this fall.

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