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Dak Prescott Talks Cancer and the Campaign to End It

Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott has been an important part of a special cancer awareness campaign and now he's talking about its success.

The campaign is called Ready Raise Rise, driven by pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Its mission is to educate people on Immuno-oncology therapy, which is a cancer therapy that works with the body’s own immune system

Prescott's mother died of cancer and during the campaign he encouraged people to go online and share their personal cancer stories.

He tells us that those stories meant more to him than he could have imagined.

"It hit home to me and it reminded me so much of my story and the differences and similarities I saw with all the submissions, it was just powerful," said Prescott.  "There are so many advances that have happened since my mom passed. You can only hope or wish that she could have benefitted from that but what's so great is that people out there can benefit today."

Part of Immuno-oncology is research in exploring biomarkers, individual characteristics of each person's cancer. 

Understanding a tumor's unique makeup through biomarkers may help researchers better address the disease.

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