Battered, Ageless Lewis Shines in Win

If you've been reading this blog for a few years, you know our unabashed love of Colby Lewis as kind of the ultimate Rangers warrior.

He's battled through everything imaginable — arm trouble and surgery, knee surgery and even an unprecedented hip resurfacing procedure he became the only pitcher to return from in the history of the game. There might be more in the future, but for now, he's it.

And he continues to pitch, and pitch well for the Rangers even though he's now in his third straight season of being signed to a one-year deal. It's as if the Rangers just keep expecting his body to give out, and it doesn't.

On Monday night, he took the mound at Safeco Park in Seattle — a place he's traditionally pitched well — and he did his thing in leading the Rangers to a series-opening win over the Mariners.

Lewis threw 90 pitches over six innings, gave up one first-inning run and nothing else, and struck out six while walking one and allowing four hits. It was a pretty great outing.

If only he could make all his starts in Seattle, right? It's almost mind-blowing the Mariners didn't make a run at him this winter, as he's now got a 3.30 ERA in 10 starts in Seattle since returning from his time in Japan back in 2010.

But, hey, the Rangers can be really happy the Mariners didn't take notice.

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