Banister Introduced in Press Conference

The Texas Rangers introduced their new manager to the local media in a press conference at Globe Life Park on Friday morning, and in some ways it was completely different than the norm. In others, it was more of the same.

I couldn't help but notice Banister, the club's 18th manager who replaces the franchise's all-time wins leader Ron Washington, refer to himself in the third person a couple of times. Sound familiar? Ron Washington would think so.

Banister, a career-long Pittsburgh Pirate, also talked about "the process" and used the word process three times in one answer. Sound familiar? Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett thinks so.

Banister was very boring, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of the game's great managers aren't colorful, fun quotes like Washington was and Banister is definitely not either, at least not yet. The only times he showed any real human emotion were when he discussed his toughness (overcoming cancer and paralysis as a high-schooler and college player, respectively) and when he talked about his one major-league at-bat, which ended in an infield single.

Other than that, it was a whole lot of non-answers to questions, albeit from unfamiliar media members.

We'll see if Banister warms up some as he gets to know the area and know the people around here, but if he wins games, no one will care.

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