Texas Motor Speedway

Auto Racing Fans Find a Way to Watch IndyCar Event in Person

Kathy and Barry Tisdale live in a condominium overlooking Turn 2 at Texas Motor Speedway

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No Limits, Texas won’t have much traffic this weekend because the gates for open-wheel racing will remain closed because of the coronavirus.

“We work for the fans and to not have them there is strange and awkward," said Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage.

With the seats staying empty, the only way for most IndyCar fans in North Texas to watch the Genesys 300 is on NBC 5.

What to Know

  • Genesys 300
  • June 6, 2020
  • 7:00 p.m. CT on NBC

But Kathy and Barry Tisdale aren’t like most racing fans. Their home overlooks Turn 2 at TMS.

“He (Barry) was like, ‘I want to go look at a condo,’" said Kathy. "And I was like, ‘Ok,’ and then when he said where it was, I was a, ‘Ok?’"

“We actually had bought the condo really without the intent of living here but after we had the first race experience we both decided we wanted to sell our house and move here full time,” said Barry.

Lone Star Tower stands tall in the parking lot at TMS and a look around the Tisdale’s 1-thousand square foot condo quickly paints a picture of just how into auto racing they are.

The couple says it’s hard to beat their view on race days.

“Although the television is getting better and better with the technology, there is that hearing the sound and feeling the cars you know that’s a big part of racing,” said Barry.

Unfortunately, not everyone will get to experience those sensations on Saturday.

“It’s a very unique time right now," said Barry. "You know as far as racing and being able to watch your drivers and follow the sport.”

But the Tisdale’s aren’t about to miss a moment at TMS, and it’s not the only advantage to living there.

“Oh I don’t like to clean house," laughs Kathy. "This is much easier to keep up."

Not to mention, the commute home when the race is over won’t be too shabby either.

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