Allen is the Ultimate One-School Town. Its Football Team is a Juggernaut. Is a Mega High School Fair for the Rest of Texas?

Is the one-school town that Allen embraces the best option for the community, no matter how large the school gets? Would Allen, the town and its students, be better off if its high schoolers were cleaved into smaller campuses, something to which Frisco and other fast-growing Dallas-area districts have gravitated? Competitively, is a mega-high school fair for the rest of state?

Some of the answers might surprise.

Allen ISD's model of one colossus high school has been scrutinized and criticized by outsiders both from an academic and athletic standpoint. But what's the real story? Read a three-part project from The Dallas Morning News.

Part one of a three-part series that explores the size, athletics success -- and cost -- of Allen. The second and third parts will be published later this week. CLICK HERE to read more from our media partners at The Dallas Morning News.

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