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LeBron James Slams Phil Jackson for 'Posse' Comment

Don't plan on LeBron James signing with the New York Knicks any time soon.



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    LeBron James said he lost all respect for Phil Jackson.

    LeBron James says he has lost respect for Phil Jackson after the famed NBA coach used the word "posse" to describe the Cleveland star's business partners.

    James responded harshly Tuesday to Jackson's use of the term in a recent interview. James says such comments underscore the difficulties young African-Americans have in gaining respect, especially in the business world.

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    The Cavaliers superstar says he had no previous relationship with Jackson, the current New York Knicks president who won 11 titles with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. James adds that he respected what Jackson did with those teams, "but I've got nothing for him."

    The three-time champion was criticized for surrounding himself with friends as business associates, but the group has built a highly successful enterprise.