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Jet's Magic Number Is 8



    Jet's Magic Number Is 8
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    In all three wins for the Mavs in the NBA Finals, Jason Terry has scored eight points in the fourth quarter.

    For Mavs Nation, the magic number is one -- as in one win away from the franchise's first NBA title.

    Another number to cheer for would be the number eight. That is the number of points Jason Terry has scored in the fourth quarter of all three of the Mavs' wins.

    It's no secret that Dirk Nowitzki has a flare for the dramatic when the game is on the line.

    But he needed someone to step up his game during crunch time and provide some help in order have a chance at the title. That's what Jet is doing.

    In the two losses to the Heat, Jet went scoreless in the final period. In Game 1 and Game 3, Miami was able to concentrate on Dirk because the shots weren't falling from Jet and company.

    In the Game 2, 4 and 5 wins, Jet scored eight points in the fourth, causing the Heat defense to react to him and leaving Dirk, Jason Kidd and others with open shots or single coverage.

    It was simply a game of pick your poison, and the Heat had no cure.

    When it comes down to the game being on the line, Dirk will get the rock, no questions asked.

    But having the option to find someone else who can nail down the shot when the entire city of Miami collapses on Dirk is both a luxury and necessity.

    Jet is proving he can fly in that airspace.