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FBI Discusses Super Bowl Safety Report



    The FBI said Wednesday that it worked with various cities and agencies to keep North Texas safe during Super Bowl XLV.

    Robert Casey Jr., special agent in charge of the Dallas Field Office, talked about the preparations and coordination at the North Texas Crime Commission’s monthly membership breakfast.

    Casey said terrorism is the biggest concern for events such as the Super Bowl. The FBI received threats online and by phone, but none of them were credible, he said.

    "We tracked down every one of them and mitigated them or washed them out," he said.

    Super Bowl Security Went Super Well

    [DFW] Super Bowl Security Went Super Well
    Getting multiple law enforcement agencies to work together, the FBI says security during the big game went well.
    (Published Wednesday, March 2, 2011)

    Casey said coordination between various agencies was the biggest challenge. Because the two teams were staying in different cities and events were in so many venues, law enforcement agencies had to work together.

    "Well, it just presented challenges, coordination challenges," he said. "We had to make sure we respected the sovereignty of these individual cities and jurisdictions."

    Law enforcement also used online communications, including Leo.gov, a law enforcement online information-sharing tool that allowed them to share information and updates with each other.

    Casey did not release numbers about the amount of money spent or the exact number of manpower used to secure the big game, but said everyone earned an "A+" for their hard work.