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DeSean Stevenson Calls Heat Stars "Great Actors"

There's no love lost between the Mavs' DeSean Stevenson and LeBron James.



    DeSean Stevenson Calls Heat Stars "Great Actors"
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    Dallas Mavericks guard DeSean Stevenson’s history with LeBron James dates back to his days with the Washington Wizards, when, after a game between Cleveland (LeBron’s team at the time) and Washington, Stevenson called James “overrated.” After the Heat’s  Game 3 victory in Dallas on Sunday, it was clear that no love was lost between the two.

    Addressing the Heat’s ability to get to the line, Stevenson told reporters on Sunday, per the Sporting News, “They’re great actors. They do it well. They sell it.”

    The comments were a response to a couple of plays in Game 3 on which questionable fouls were called, likely in response to Miami’s two biggest stars playing the role of a hard foul recipient. Stevenson continued that it was up to the Mavericks to capitalize when Wade or LeBron don’t draw a whistle, and instead stand at the end of the floor debating with the referees.

    “That's what we have to do,” Stevenson said. “When they get to the basket and then they stand there and do that, Dwyane Wade and (James) aren't playing. They’re not getting back on defense, and we got to take the opportunity on that.”

    Miami’s Dwayne Wade has responded, kind of.  “No, I have no comment on that,” Wade said. “We'll talk about that at the end of the series.”