W and Palin on ‘SNL' Collision Course

With Josh Brolin hosting 'Saturday Night Live,' Tina Fey is a safe bet to make a cameo

President Bush and Sarah Palin appear headed for a date with destiny on 'Saturday Night Live.'

On Oct. 18 Josh Brolin will guest host 'Saturday Night Live,' an appearance that comes the day after the premiere of his new movie, 'W.' Brolin's turn as Bush 43 in the new Oliver Stone film is said to be on a par with Jamie Foxx' Oscar-winning work as Ray Charles.

"He gives off such an amazing vibe," a source close to the film's studio, Lionsgate, told Politico.

Josh Brolin as W

Brolin will almost certainly reprise his role of 'W' for 'SNL,' and would seem to be a perfect partner for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, as recreated by Tina Fey.

Palin's arrival on the national stage almost immediately sparked comparisons to Fey, who begrudgingly returned to 'SNL' to play the part. It's a role Fey hopes to leave behind very soon.

"I want to be done playing this lady November 5. So if anyone could help me be done playing this lady November 5, that would be good for me, Fey declared backstage at the Emmys last month.

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