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Price Ready to Transition to Mayor



    Former Tarrant County Tax Assessor Betsy Price is ready to transition into the mayor's office.

    Over the last week and a half Price has taken part in her annual cycling tradition, Tour de Fort Worth. It's a local ride done in homage with the Tour de France and has proven this year to be a way to meet her new constituents.,

    "You know we talked a lot during the campaign about a mayor who was out with boots on the ground," Price said. "And this is as good of a way as any to start with that."

    Price says she's seen about a half dozen new faces on each ride this year. While she's having fun cycling, something she's done for 23 years, Price says she's ready to get to work.

    Mayor Price's Tour de Fort Worth

    [DFW] Mayor Price's Tour de Fort Worth
    Betsy Price is ready to get to work as Fort Worth's new mayor, and using her annual cycling tradition Tour de Fort Worth to meet new constituents.
    (Published Tuesday, July 12, 2011)

    "We've been working since the runoff," Price said. "But I'm excited to be there and to start making decisions to work with my fellow councilmen and women."

    And with a new mayor for the first time in eight years, those sitting on the council don't anticipate any major changes to the council's dynamic.

    "We never miss a beat when we get a new mayor in Fort Worth," said Jungus Jordan, District 6 councilman. "Yes we're getting a new mayor, yes we're getting a new council member, but these are people who aren't new to us. We all know them, respect them and look forward to working with them."

    "Making big swings and changes at the city I think is pretty tough to do," District 2 Councilman Danny Scarth said, saying city staff is the same and there are seven experienced council members still in place. "I think there are subtle changes that people will notice and I'm looking forward to getting to know a new mayor."

    And the new mayor says she's ready to go full steam as soon as she takes office.

    "We will hit the ground biking," Price said.

    Price isn't the only new member of the council. Dennis Shingleton will be sworn in as the district seven councilman as well.

    The council has several big issues to take on in the coming weeks and months. On Wednesday the city gets its gas drilling air quality report back and the council will be briefed on the report next week. In early August, the council will begin discussing the budget where

    Price says they will go line by line to eliminate waste. And within the next two years the council will have to agree to new civil service contracts with police and fire unions.