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Hard Liquor Stores Approved in Arlington

Ordinance will also impact fans at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington



    Hard Liquor Stores Approved in Arlington
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    You may soon be able to by Fort Worth-made TX Blended Whiskey in Arlington.

    Arlington voters have simultaneously approved a plan that will allow liquor stores to operate within the city and Texas Rangers fans to keep drinking wine.

    During the 2013 season, the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission granted a temporary waiver to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington allowing them to sell wine.

    The waiver expired at the end of the season, but earlier this summer the club submitted a petition to the city that would put the issue on a special ballot on Tuesday.

    The language in the ordinance called for "a proposition relating to legalizing the sale of all alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages." The mention of "all alcoholic beverages" would allow package stores to sell bottles of whiskey, vodka and another alcoholic spirits inside city limits, provided the stores meet current zoning requirements.

    Currently, only beer and wine are available in Arlington. However, in recent years, the towns of Pantego and Dalworthington Gardens, which exist within the city limits of Arlington, have allowed package stores.

     See the latest vote tally here.