For One Night “We're All Bucky Gunts,” As Bucky Gunts Wins an Emmy

Ricky Gervais managed to drop the two best punchlines of the night in the span of about six minutes, taking cracks at Mel Gibson and some guy named Bucky Gunts.

After assuring the audience that he was "saving all the really offensive stuff for the Golden Globes," Gervais began to complain about the lack of alcohol both backstage and in the audience. He chided the lack of courage on the part of producers, pointing out that there were no tough guys at the show, no one like Russell Crowe, Christian Bale or...

"Mel Gibson... No, I'm not gonna have a go at him. He's been through a lot. Not as much as the Jews.... Who wants a beer?" asked Gervais as a small phalanx of waiters bearing trays of beer appeared and began handing them out to folks in the front row.

He then turned his attention to the nominees for Outstanding Directing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Special, a list that included the improbably named Bucky Gunts, director of the Vancouver Olympics.

"I hope its Bucky Gunts, cuz I didn't know you could say that on television. Let's face it, we're all Bucky Gunts here. It's live... And the Emmy goes to -- Bucky Gunts!"

Mr. Gunts then took the stage without even acknowledging the fact that his name was just turned into one of the best punchlines of the night, giving a run-of-the-mill speech in a tone so flat it was reminiscent of Super Dave Osborne.

Though he's probably heard all the jokes before, so we can't really blame him.

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