Tyra Banks Wants to Produce Films and Children

Tyra Banks told NBC Miami she wants to produce films and children

Tyra Banks on Monday said that motherhood is on her to-do list.

"I want to produce films, and I want to produce children," she said.

Banks, who stopped by NBC Miami to promote her new book "Modelland," said she has someone to help with her child producing but didn't elaborate.

She also said her motivation everyday is helping young girls.

"Young girls coming up to me and telling me they're insecure or telling me the something I said to them changed their life," Banks said.

She said the book, which took five years to write, was inspired by her many experiences as a model.

"I was such an insecure 11-year-old girl that just felt so awkward and just felt like the world was just an awful place, and then also I combined my passion, which is expanding the definition of beauty, all wrapped up into Modelland," Banks said.

As for this season of  "America's Next Top Model," Banks said, "The girls are also creating a perfume, and they're hosting stuff." They will also be recording music, she said.

The book is published by Delacorte Press.

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