Top Entertaining, Shocking, Heartwarming Videos of 2016

The year in videos offers a lot of laughs and gasps. Some of the best viral videos from across NBC and the internet include a polar bear cub rolling around in a kiddie pool of ice, a faked zombie apocalypse and an e-cigarette bursting into flames inside a man's pants pockets. By any measure, 2016 was anything but boring. These videos prove it.

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Two brothers convinced their little sister that there was a zombie outbreak in their town, starting the prank as they drove her home from her wisdom teeth surgery. Her response is hilarious.

Baltimore police released videos Monday showing the arrest of a man who died after his spine was nearly severed while in police custody, but said they don't yet know what caused that injury.
Get ready for another hot day Sunday with highs at or slightly above 100. Cooler temperatures are in the forecast for much of the upcoming week thanks to a cold front that should arrive Monday. Rain chances are also in the forecast Monday through Friday.
This cub can’t get enough of her ice cube pool. Nora, the baby polar bear, dives, wiggles and rolls in the cold cubes in a temporary behind-the-scenes section of the zoo. She was born at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, but when her mom rejected her, she was transferred to the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Zoo keepers plan for Nora...

A week after the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, nine-year-old Zianna Oliphant stood before lawmakers at a Charlotte City Council meeting and cried out for change — a video now gone viral.

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