Pope Francis' Top Moments in Washington

D.C. fell in love with Pope Francis during his busy 48 hours in the nation's capital. The pontiff flashed a sunny smile, distributed handshakes and hugs to his admirers, bopped around town in a tiny Fiat and spoke truth to Congress.  

There were a few particular moments where you could feel even the coldest Beltway hearts warming to the People's Pope. Here are some of our favorite #PopeInDC moments:

Spirit Fingers? Pope's Double Wave

Who can resist a world leader with a smile like this -- and an enthusiastic, jazz-hands-ish wave? Read more >>

Boehner's Waterworks

La policía de Rosemont confirmó el lunes sobre la existencia de un video publicado en Facebook la misma noche en que una jovencita desapareció y más tarde fue encontrada muerta dentro de un congelador en un hotel. Los detectives examinan el video y varios mensajes en las redes sociales mientras que intentan esclarecer la muerte de Kenneka Jenkins de 19...

We all know it doesn't take much to make the Speaker cry. But these tears have extra resonance when you consider that Boehner, a former altar boy, has worked for years to get a Pope to visit the Capitol. Watch his speech to Congress >>

Feeding the Poor and Hungry

US Pope Francis

This is why we love this Pope. He spoke to Congress -- then wheeled right over to St. Patrick in the City to speak to Catholic Charities and spend some quality time with its clients -- people who are poor, homeless, vicitims of domestic violence and survivors of all of the above. He waded right into the crowd, same sweet smile on his face. Read more >>

And He Likes Dogs

Pete Souza

"Yes this happened" was the only appropriate caption for official White House photographer Pete Souza's photo of Francis petting Bo and Sunny Obama posted Wednesday afternoon, which – surprise, surprise – immediately went viral.

Love Letter

Watch as a little girl -- the daughter of immigrants -- delivers the pope a T-shirt and a heart-warming, hand-drawn card that said, "My friends and I love each other regardless of the color of our skin." Read more >>

'Gotta Go'

Even the pope has to duck out of meetings! (Only his are with hundreds of bishops.) He ran out of time while greeting clergymen at a prayer service at a Washington cathedral. Read more >>

Francis' Fiat

His Holiness didn't drive through Washington in a black SUV. Instead, he took a Fiat 500, an Italian car that looks as much like a golf cart as a limousine. Read more >>

Theological Tailgating

These nuns kept their cool while waiting for the pope to celebrate Mass and canonize a new saint. Read more >>

Stealing a Selfie

He may be the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, but Pope Francis is down with snapping a picture guaranteed to get a bunch of "likes" on Facebook. Read more >>

Blessings for a Baby 

The faithful left overjoyed after Francis' parade around Washington, D.C.'s Ellipse, but likely none moreso than the parents of a baby that was carried to the popemobile for a blessing. Read more >>

Choir Canon?

What song do you play to entertain the pope on his first time at the White House? How about a rousing choral number that proclaims, "You are the strength of my life"? Read more >>

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