Top Ten Swimsuits for Summer

Daunting as the task may be to find one, it's fun to think about summer days spent lazing around in a swimsuit. We picked our favorites in all shapes and sizes.

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The awesome indie lingerie designers behind <a href=>The Lake & Stars</a> filled us in on their new line of swim, which includes sensual styles as lovely and unexpected. Case in point: the Vantage Point one-piece that feels covered-up and sexy at the same time with its mesh paneling. Frankly, we'd encourage wearing these suits as daily wear (and underwear).
The beach will be chock full of itty-bitty polka-dotted bikinis, but the print on the <a href=>Vix Peacock Bandeau Bikini</a> makes more of a sophisticated splash, in keeping with the season's frenzy for all sorts of inventive patterns, all the time.
J. Crew
Full disclosure: the Thread team is downright obsessed with stripes, especially those of the French variety. So when we laid eyes on the <a href=>J. Crew French Sailor Halter Tank</a> suit we just about died. The one-piece takes on the clean classic with a twist that's demure and hot at the same time.
Everything but Water
The <a href=>Betsey Johnson Rockin' Robin Bikini</a> transfers all the prim romance of a floral sundress to a sexy little bikini. Plus, it allows the wearer to stay on-trend even at the pool, with a mixed-print medley of rosettes, stripes and polka dots.
Old Navy
This <a href=>Old Navy Ruffled Bikini</a> evokes summery bridesmaids' dresses at a 1978 wedding. In a good way. They're mix-and-match <i>and</i> flattering -- after all, ruffles are a cute way to cover everything.
Zero + Maria Cornejo
High fashion goes poolside with <a href=>Zero + Maria Cornejo's debut line of bathing suits</a>, hitting stores later this month. Cornejo gives the swimwear fashion-forward accents -- like the one shoulder bandeau and hip cutouts seen here -- we've come to love in her clothing.
Creatures of Comfort
Think a grown woman such as yourself can't pull off a punk rocker bikini this summer? Think again, because the <a href=>VPL Box Kite Bikini</a> is a cooler-than-thou exercise in attitude, with hot pink and gray color-blocking and a minimalist bandeau-and-boyshorts silhouette.
American Eagle Outfitters
Besides lobster rolls, margaritas and SPF 50, a great black bikini is an essential. The <a href=>AE Double-String Bikini</a> adds the slightest update by doubling up on the strings, thus keeping it classic while injecting it with a sexy je ne sais quoi.
Bergdorf Goodman
Animal prints can be tricky to orchestrate, and there's something risky about putting leopard on a few tiny pieces of fabric covering your tush and little else. This <a href=>D&G Giraffe-Print Bikini</a>, on the other hand, tones down the wild without sacrificing any of the exotic.
Free People
For a happy medium between skimpy with lots of skin and a full-on one-piece, the <a href=>Free People High-Waisted Garden Bikini</a> does just the trick. We love the vintage vibe and it's also great for the newly(ish) preggers ladies!
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