“The Voice” Recap: Top 8 Perform and Adam Levine Takes on “Big Brother” Role

Find out what happened in week four of the live shows, which aired on Nov. 26.

Looking for someone to take on your ex-boyfriend? Just audition for "The Voice" and you'll find your new big brother!

Adam Levine took on this role for one of his contestants (who is currently going through a rough breakup) during the NBC reality hit's performance show on Nov. 26, when the Top 8 took the stage. (We're pretty sure this episode of "The Voice" will score very high in the swoon demo after Adam's protective moment!)

The Maroon 5 frontman wasn't the only coach getting emotional when it came to their contestants! Blake Shelton gushed over one his team member's take on his hit song "Over," Cee Lo Green found "a dear friend" in one of his hopefuls and Christina Aguilera has formed a deep connection with her final contestant, Dez Duron. Yes, it was one big ol' lovefest on "The Voice!"

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Team Christina

Former Yale football player and resident heartthrob Dez Duron decides to take on a fellow heartthrob's song: Justin Bieber's "U Smile." There's a lot of pressure on Dez as he's Christina's final contestant. "The stakes have never been higher," Christina says. While Cee Lo admits it wasn't his favorite performance, he says that Dez is one of his favorites in the competition. Adam agrees, and Blake praises Dez's "star quality." Christina gushes over Dez's performance and begs viewers to vote for him. "Let's bring it home, America!" she exclaims.

Team Adam

Amanda Brown decides to take on one of the most popular songs currently in the reality television competition universe: Adele's "Someone Like You." However, Adam wants to make it "really powerful" and put a "rock" twist on the hit song. "I think we have something very explosive," Adam says. After the performance, Blake praises Amanda's decision to make the song her own. "You are a rocker. I can't get enough of you, that rock element that you do," he says, while Christina says she's still waiting for Amanda to find herself as an artist. Cee Lo really appreciated Amanda's bravery to take on Adele and Adam calls her Amanda's rendition "a massive power ballad," one that he always wanted the song to be.

The creative New York high schooler Melanie Martinez, who admits she's "shocked" that she's still in the competition, performs Alex Clare's hit "Too Close," because it relates to the breakup she is currently going through. Adam takes on the role of "big brother" and offers to kick the guy's ass. (So cute!) Melanie's take on the song is one of our favorite performance of the season, and the coaches seem to agree with us. "Your voice, it just melts me...you're one of my favorites," Blake gushes, while Christina says it was her favorite performance of Melanie's yet. Cee Lo compliment's Adam's new arrangements on well-known songs and praises Melanie for making it her own. "

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Team Cee Lo

Since Freddie Mercury is one of his vocal inspirations, Cody Belew chooses Queen's hit song "Somebody to Love," saying, "That's who I model myself after." Cody gets emotional toward the end of his performance, which impresses the coaches. "That was great, that's one of my favorite songs," Adam gushes, and Blake praises Cody's ability to handle whatever Cee Lo throws at him, calling them the "perfect combination." Christina calls Cody a "risk taker," adding, "We need to hang out after the show!" Cee Lo says he's "so very proud" of his contestant and calls Cody "a good friend." Awww!

Trevin Hunte, whom Carson Daly describes as "newly confident," tackles one doozy of a song: Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All." "I feel like once you learn to love yourself, that's truly the greatest love of all," Trevin explains. After his powerhouse performance, Adam says, "I really hope that when I die, and hopefully I go to heaven, that this is heaven!" Blake continues the gushfest, calling Trevin "a good dude" and says he's the contestant to beat. "Wonderful job as usual," Christina says, adding that Trevin has yet to fully capture what his voice can do, and Cee Lo says, "I'm certain that Ms. Whitney would be proud."

The competition's most mellow contestant Nicholas David, who announced that he and his wife are expecting their third child, tackles Marvin Gaye's iconic song "What's Going On." Cee Lo surprises the singer during their rehearsal to bring in Bill Withers, whose song Nicholas covered last week ("Lean On Me"). "Holy buckets!" Nicholas exclaims. Adam says he's loves Nicholas' soulful sound, adding, "I'm going to be a fan of yours forever." Blake thanks Nicholas for choosing to come on the show and Cee Lo says, "I love you so much."

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Team Blake

Scottish rocker Terry McDermott decides to show off his softer side by singing "Over" by his coach, Blake. "I think the song is better suited for Terry than it ever was for me," Blake admits. "His voice was meant to sing this song." Of the decision to go from rock to country, Terry says he wants to show that he has "versatility." Terry's performance earns him a standing ovation from Blake and praise from Cee Lo, who says he's a "big fan," and Adam jokes. "So that's what that song is supposed to sound like! Just kidding, I love you, Blake!" Christina calls his vocals "solid." Blake gushes that Terry performed the song he always wished he could, saying, "For real though, [Adam] is right!"

Cassadee Pope, whose performance of Blake and his wife Miranda Lambert's hit song "Over You" reached number one on iTunes last week, takes on Michelle Branch's "Are You Happy Now." Though her distant father has yet to reach out to her, Cassadee says Blake has become like family to her. (She affectionately calls him her "crazy uncle.") Cee Lo says Cassadee could "win this thing," and Adam agrees, calling her "the frontrunner." Coach Blake reveals it's Cassadee's mom's birthday and says her performance was the perfect gift. "You just sang the crap out of that song. It was amazing. Thank you for being on my team," he gushes.

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