“Dragon Tattoo” Casting Madness Comes to a Halt

David Fincher's adaptation of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" launched one of the biggest casting searches ever, let's look back at the major contenders...

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Ultimately it was Rooney Mara who won the role of Lisbeth Salander, who had the inside track on the role, based largely on her work in David Fincher's Facebook movie, The Social Network, which comes out Oct. 1.
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The last finalist standing between Mara and fame was Emily Browning, who was last seen opposite Elizabeth Banks in The Uninvited. American audiences will next see Browning in Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch.
Scarlett Johansson had the role all but won early Monday morning, according to The New York Daily News. Swing and a miss!
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Unknown Sophie Lowe, who can next be seen in the Australian film Blame, was among those who recently did full make-up screen tests opposite Daniel Craig for the role.
Also in the running was Sarah Snook, who will be in a 2011 Australian production of Sleeping Beauty alongside...
Lea Seydoux, the French actress who played Isabella of Angoulêmein in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood is another late comer to the proceedings. She's certainly sexy enough, but it would be unfair to judge her candidacy on her 10 minutes of screen time in Robin Hood.
Fish Tank star Katie Jarvis was a late entry in the Dragon Tattoo sweepstakes, but she wasn't included in the last round of screen-testing.
Then there were those who = wanted the part, but were out of the running fairly early. Mia Wasikowska was great as Sophie in In Treatment and in The Kids Are All Right didn't seem sturdy enough.
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Ellen Page is said to have written a letter to producer Scott Rudin expressing her interest and sent in her own screen test. While she's got the swagger, she feels a bit too delicate for some of the role's steeper moments.
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Yo-Landi Vi$$er of the South African rap group Die Antwoord (The Answer) is said to have a huge fan in Dragon Tattoo director David Fincher, but she allegedly told the director she wasn't interested.
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Carey Mulligan (An Education) has been champing at the bit for this, going as far as taking screenwriter Steve Zaillian out for lunch. Oh well.
Kristen Stewart seems determined to separate herself from Twilight at every turn, whether by playing a legendary lesbian rocker or a New Orleans prostitute. She showed some chops in Welcome to the Rileys, getting through with minimal lip biting.
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From The Professional to V for Vendetta, Natalie Portman has shown she is capable of kicking copious amounts of butt, a prerequisite for the role.
Anne Hathaway showed she could go dark in Rachel Getting Married, but it's hard to forgive something like Bride Wars (it was a long flight, don't judge).
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Deep abiding crush aside, Olivia Thirlby just doesn't feel right.
Does anybody else think it's a little odd that Noomi Rapace, who first played the role in the Swedish original, never gets mentioned for Fincher's version?
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