Terrence Howard is Joining “Law & Order: Los Angeles”

NBC’s new fall series," Law & Order: Los Angeles," snags Oscar-nominee Terrence Howard.

The star of “Hustle and Flow” and “Iron Man” will join the series as a deputy district attorney, The Associated Press reported.

Series creator Dick Wolf made the announcement to the Television Critics Association yesterday. "I feel like manager of the 1961 Yankees. I have my [Mickey] Mantle and [Roger] Maris," Wolf said.

On Sunday, The New York Times reported that British actor Alfred Molina was also joining the cast as Deputy District Attorney Morales. Also appearing on the new series is Corey Stoll, who will play a police detective partnered with another detective, portrayed by Skeet Ulrich.

The original "Law & Order" series was cancelled by NBC after 20 years.  The spin-off "Law & Order: SVU" is the only other series of the franchise that is currently on the network’s fall schedule.

"That's business,” said Wolf. “That's life. Everything on TV is born under a death sentence. They just don't tell you the execution date.”

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