Teamsters Vote to Create Dedicated Amazon Division to Unionize Workers

Teamsters vote to create a dedicated Amazon division to unionize workers

Jose Haro, Felipe Medina and Lou Villalvazo, left to right, with Teamsters Local 63 joined union workers as they rallied in downtown Los Angeles Monday morning in support of unionizing Alabama Amazon workers.
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The Teamsters, one of America’s largest labor unions, voted in favor of launching a national effort to unionize Amazon workers at a virtual convention Thursday, NBC News reports.

The national effort, laid out in a resolution, will involve creating and funding a dedicated Amazon division to help workers in its logistics business, including warehouse workers and delivery drivers, to organize and demand better working conditions.

The “Special Resolution: Building Worker Power at Amazon,” passed with 1,562 “yes” votes and nine “no” votes, according to the Teamsters’ spokesperson Kara Deniz.

“Amazon presents a massive threat to working-class communities and good jobs in the logistics industry,” Randy Korgan, the Teamsters National Director for Amazon, said. “Amazon workers face dehumanizing, unsafe and low-pay jobs, with high turnover and no voice at work."

He added “Amazon workers are calling for safer and better working conditions and with today’s resolution we are activating the full force of our union to support them."

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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