“Scream 4's” Emma Roberts Faces Her Fear Factor

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“Scream 4” star Emma Roberts admits she was scared silly by the first film in the series.

Even being behind the scenes of the latest installment in legendary horror helmer Wes Craven’s fabled franchise did little to keep her from quaking.

“I was kinda scared on set sometimes,” Roberts admitted, but “it just made it even more exciting.”

She was at least able to get through the experience with both eyes open, which is more than she could say about her viewing of the original “Scream.”

“I loved it! I got so scared!” she confessed. “I watched half the movie with my eyes closed, and my friends were like, 'Emma, you're gonna be in the next one. You can't be covering your eyes while you're watching the movie.'”

Roberts revealed she’s playing a character with close ties to one of the returning stars of the first film. “I play Sidney Prescott's – Neve Campbell's – cousin, named Jill,” she said, “and she's like the girl next door, kind of – the new, the younger Sidney Prescott, if you will.”

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