Sacha Baron Cohen Sued Over “Bruno” Incident

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Sacha Baron Cohen is being sued because his film crew allegedly roughed up a cameraman during the shooting of the gay marriage rally in the film, "Bruno," reports the Associated Press.

Mike Skiff, a self-described gay jounralist, is seeking $25,000 in damages from the comedian for physical pain and suffering.

In the lawsuit, he claims that he was shoved around, pulled and threatened with signs while filming Baron Cohen in character as the gay fashion journalist, Bruno.

Video from Third Rail Media, Skiff's company, showed an alteraction in which Skiff is seen being pulled away from Baron Cohen before police stepped in to halt it.

This is not the first legal action to spin out of "Bruno." In June 2009, Richelle Olson sued Baron Cohen, claiming that he caused her to suffed a brain injury when she fell during a scuffle at a charity bingo tournament in California.

In December of last year, a Palestinian shopkeeper sued for libel and slander after he was portrayed as a terrorist. He is seeking $110 million and the case is pending in a Washington, D.C. court.

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