Reunion in Works for Man Abducted as Toddler

A man who was abducted and taken to Mexico more than 30 years ago may soon be reunited with his long-lost mother.

David Amaya, 37, was recently discovered crossing the border into San Diego. David said his father took him to Mexico as a toddler, leaving him with no idea his mother in the United States had been looking for him all this time.

David and Kathy Amaya, now living in Wisconsin, spoke for the first time over the phone last weekend. However, neither of them have the means to meet in person.

But that could change because of the kindness of strangers.

Santee father and son Fotios and Dino Tsimboukakis saw David’s story on and contacted our station. Fotios is now working with the church where David is staying and has pledged about $450 for a plane ticket so mother and son can be reunited.

"Everybody deserves a chance to be next to their mother, and a mother deserves to spend it with her child," Fotios said.

When David found out the news, he said through a translator: “I’m very happy, excited.”

“I am going to meet my mother after all.”

However, there was still one hurdle: David didn’t have identification and would need ID to board a plane.

On Tuesday, David took his U.S. birth certificate to the DMV and started the process of getting an ID card.

David had this message for his donors: “My thanks. I'm very grateful.”

But Fotios and Dino say they’re more than happy to help.

“Every kid deserves to see their mom,” Dino said.

“[Kathy] didn’t get to see her kid play around. She didn't get to see him ride a bike,” Fotios said. “You know what, it’s never too late.”

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