No Wedding Band for Prince William

Before the tabloids can post "shocking" pictures of Prince William sans wedding ring, he and wife-to-be Kate Middleton are nipping it in the bud and making it clear that he is going without the traditional band by choice.

A spokesperson for the royal couple told People that William has chosen not to go the traditional wedding band route, although the did confirm that Kate will be wearing one.

"There is only going to be one ring, in accordance with the couple's wishes," the spokesperson said. 

Kate's ring will be fashioned out of a piece of gold mined from Welsh mountains and first presented to William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. The gold had been kept in a vault and the nugget - soon to be molded into a wedding band by Harry Collins, the Crown Jeweler - was given to Kate and William as a gift.

Selected Reading: People, Los Angeles Times, The Telegraph

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