Chris Brown Eyes Plea Deal: Report

Chris Brown is working toward a plea deal that will excuse him from felony charges and jail time in the alleged beating of his girlfriend Rihanna, reports

Brown is said to be willing to cop to misdemeanor charges as long as he serves no jail time. The embattled R&B star has consulted legal experts who contend that because Rihanna reportedly struck Brown first it is not a case that demands felony charges, the site says.
Brown, 19, entered a no plea in court last week when he was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats during a Feb. 8 altercation between him and 21-year-old Rihanna.
There are a few complicating issues, however, that will make Brown’s plea harder to sell. The first is the severity of Rihanna’s injuries. By now most people familiar with the case have seen the photo of a bruised and battered Rihanna that was posted on The fact that she was so beat-up coupled with the fact that he looked relatively unscathed will not work in his favor, the site reports.
Court documents allege that Brown said malicious things to Rihanna  such as “I’m going to beat the s—t out you when we get home,” and “I’m going to kill you.” That's not likely to help his case, either.
Also bad for Brown is a text message that he sent allegedly to Rihanna’s personal assistant apologizing for what he had done to the starlet that night. The text message is detailed in an LAPD detective’s note, TMZ says.  Police officers that interviewed Rihanna also heard stories of past abuse, another fact that does not bode well with Brown’s reported plea hopes.
Brown’s next court date is scheduled for April 6. In the meantime, Brown’s trial in the court of public opinion continues. This weekend Oprah used her daytime talk show to send a message to Rihanna: you're bound to receive another beating if she and Brown stay together she said.
Oprah Talks Chris Brown
“If a man hits you once, he will hit you again. He will hit you again,” Oprah warned during her Friday show.
One of her guests for the day, former Manhattan Sex Crimes Prosecutor Linda Fairstein, said that Brown shows all the signs of being the next O.J., and Rihanna the next Nicole Brown.
“Many of the circumstances in her case were like the early warning signs in the O.J. Simpson case,” Fairstein said.
The fact that he choked her and said “I’m going to kill you,” should raise red flags, Fairstein said.
“Choking behavior is a very interesting factor,” Fairstein said.  “It’s very hands on, face-to-face. It’s a very intimate type of violence.”
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