Krazy Glue Penis Girls: We're the Real Victims

Two of the four say they had little to do with gluing the man's penis to his leg

Two of the four women who got some sticky revenge on a cheating man are now speaking out, saying they are the true victims and had nothing to do with the plot that involved gluing the man's penis to his leg.

Michelle Belliveau and Wendy Sewell told NBC's the Today Show, they played minor roles in the revenge plot against philandering conman Donessa Davis, and say that they, undoubtedly, are the true injured party.

"If anybody is a victim in all this its all the women that he's dated," said Belliveau, who claimed she was in the motel room to support her sister, Therese Ziemann, who had lured Davis with the promise of a romp in the sheets.

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"They gave their heart to him and he broke their hearts," she said.

Belliveau, who also claimed she had little to do with the revenge plot, saying, "I never assaulted anybody, I never touched the man." 

Wendy Sewell was one of the woman who had a relationship with Davis. Although expressing remorse, Sewell also said she played a small role, only taunting Davis by asking him who he loved more and who he wanted to grow old with.

"I'm pretty ashamed, embarrassed, I feel I have been the one who is actually the victim after seeing how this story has taken a twist," said Sewell.

The vengeful foursome were able to exact their revenge on Davis when Ziemann, who had seduced him to the motel, blindfolded him with a pillow case and tied him to the bed, promising a massage. After she cut off his underwear and texted her cohorts, they confronted the chained cheater, soon gluing his penis to his leg.

The four women could each face as much as six years in prison. Davis, who isn't getting off free, was also arrested on charges ranging from child abuse to theft and harassment.

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