Jimmy Fallon's Obama, Romney Watch the VP Debate Together

"Late Night" spoofs the vice presidential debate

President Barack Obama is sitting comfortably, watching the vice-presidential debate—his tie still on, his shirt sleeves rolled up—when he decides to call up his GOP rival, Mitt Romney. “Hello, Mitt. It’s Barack. You watchin’ the, uh, debate?” After Romney switches over to the debate, the two presidential candidates proceed to watch it together, analyzing the performance of their respective running mates and poking fun at one another.

In this opening skit for Friday’s episode of “Late Night,” host Jimmy Fallon played Romney and comedian Dion Flynn played President Obama.

When Obama and Romney see Vice President Joe Biden laughing in the debate while Paul Ryan is talking, Romney asks, “What’s he laughing about?”

“I believe he just caught your running mate telling a lie,” Obama replies,

“Yep, that’ll happen,” Romney says. “Every time he opens his mouth and words come out, it just happens.”

Obama then offers an idea for a drinking game: a shot whenever Biden says “my friend” or when Ryan “won’t give specifics about your tax plan.” Romney politely declines: “That’s an awful lot of milk to be drinking on a Thursday night.”

Romney and Obama also reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets on how they coached their running mates. Before the debate Obama told Biden that if he couldn’t think of anything to say, he should use the word “malarkey.” And Romney confessed that he told Ryan, “If you get confused, just start making up countries.”

After Obama observes that Ryan is getting beat in the debate, Romney retorts, “Oh yeah? What’s that like?”

At the end of the skit, Obama suggests they watch the “Jimmy Fallon Show” together, pointing out that Romney has never been invited to the show. “I’ve been invited,” says Romney. “I just don’t wanna go.”

To see more, check out the clip below:

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