McDonald's Pulls “Pit Bull” Radio Spot After Dog Owners Complain

McDonald's apologizes for "insensitive" ad in Kansas City area.

Not lovin' it.

McDonald’s has apologized after landing in the doghouse for a radio ad that said eating its line of Chicken McBites was less risky than petting a stray pit bull.

After the spot ran for a few days in the Kansas City area complaints began to pour in on social media sites, The Associated Press reported. A Facebook page called “Pit Bulls Against McDonald’s” was liked more than 8,200 times.

The ad also said its Chicken McBites were less risky than shaving your head, naming your son Sue or giving your Facebook password to a friend. But it was the dog line that touched a nerve.

"It was stupid marketing, playing into the media hysteria about pit bulls," Rachele Lizarraga of Sacramento told the AP.

McDonald’s conceded in an official apology that its ad “was insensitive in its mention of pit bulls.” The fast-food giant pledged to “do a better job next time.”

“As soon as we learned of it, we tracked the source and had the local markets pull the ad immediately,” McDonald’s said.

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