Jon Gosselin in Talks to Star in New Show: Report

Octodad could be shopping around for new reality show

Reality TV dad Jon Gosselin is back on the market -- and this time he's shopping around for a new reality show.

The star of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is in talks with major production company Endemol -- who produced the likes of "Big Brother" -- to star in a reality show about high-profile single fathers called "Divorced Dads Clubs," according to gossip website

Gosselin is reportedly concerned over his contract with TLC because of recent bad blood between he and the network.

TLC claimed the octodad spent too many booze-fueled late nights partying and juggling new girlfriends -- behavior that caused friction between Gosselin and the cable network, which sent him a letter claiming he was in violation of his contract, reported. 

Currently, the network must approve all appearances and there's some speculation Gosselin's partying could be a way of getting out of his contract with TLC. 

Jon -- who is on an allowance -- has to share revenue from the TLC show with ex-wife Kate, who was granted control of the money by a court. According to, the couple has already spent most of what they earned from the current season and that Jon is forced to sell stories and photographs to keep afloat.

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