Fiscal Cliff Keeps Wall Street Worried

What’s traditionally a quiet week could become hellish for traders as politicians in Washington are likely to fall short of an agreement to deal with $600 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts due to kick in early next year, according to Reuters. Many economists forecast that this "fiscal cliff" will push the economy into recession. Still, the market remains resilient. "The markets have been sort of taking this in stride," said Sandy Lincoln, chief market strategist at BMO Asset Management U.S. in Chicago, which has about $38 billion in assets under management. "The markets still basically believe that something will be done," he said. If an agreement is reached next week, it will come in a short time frame. Markets will be open for a half-day on Christmas Eve, when Congress will not be in session, and will close on Tuesday for Christmas. Wall Street will resume regular stock trading on Wednesday.

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