Matt Damon Directing John Krasinski in “Father Daughter Time”

Having watched all the praised heaped on Ben Affleck for the two films he's directed, it's not unreasonable for Matt Damon to think, "Hell, I could do that." And so he will.

"I am coming closer to a directorial thing, yes," Damon told Vulture. "I've got a few things that I really want to direct, and one I'm actually going to start at the first quarter of next year... John Krasinski's in it."

"It" in this case is "Father Daughter Time: A Tale of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses," a script by Matthew Aldrich, about a man who goes on a cross-country crime spree with his young daughter in tow. Damon will also be serving as producer, and we can only assume he'll have the good sense to cut down that title.

Damon, of course, worked with Krasinski's wife, Emily Blunt, in this year's overlooked "Adjustment Bureau," and they're both from the greater Boston are and hardcore Red Sox fans, so life on the set should be easygoing enough.

And, man, is Krasinski due for a decent film role. Right now he's creeping up on Kristen Bell for the title of Worst Transition From TV to Film. "Leatherheads," "License to Wed," "It's Complicated" and "Something Borrowed"... pretty much every live-action film hes been a part of since gaining fame on "The Office" has been a failure of one variety or another. Tragically, the best non-"Office" thing he's been involved in are those great New Era ads he does with Alec Baldwin

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