Massachusetts Man Worried for Son Injured in Paris

The tragedy in Paris is hitting close to home for one Massachusetts father, whose son has been identified as one of hundreds wounded in Friday's devastating and deadly attacks.

Yann Meersseman, of Martha's Vineyard, said one of his son lives in Paris and was shot Friday when seven terrorists carried out a string of coordinated attacks throughout France's capital city, killing 129 and injuring 352.

Thirty-four-year-old Arnaud Meersseman had left the Bataclan music venue, where a California-based rock band was performing, before it came under siege. His father said Arnaud Meersseman works for the production company that set up the concert, where officials have said 89 people were killed.

"Once the concert was on its way, he actually left the concert hall and went to a cafe close by," his father said.

But the cafe, too, was targeted. Arnaud Meersseman was shot when gunmen opened fire there and is now at a Paris hospital, according to his father.

"A bullet basically went through his chest, went in under the right arm, went out the other way and shattered the two ribs, punctured a lung," Yann Meersseman told necn.

He said he realized something was wrong when another son called him Friday with a frantic message.

"Something bad is going on, I know Arnaud is at the concert hall, we've been trying to call him on the cellphone, he's not answering," Yann Meersseman recalled.

It would take hours for family members to find out where Arnaud Meersseman was taken and how bad his condition would be.

"He's still heavily sedated," his father explained.

Arnaud Meersseman is expected to make a full recovery, as no vital organs were hit, according to his father, who will join other family members in Paris later this week.

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