Kim Kardashian Reveals Why She's Not Like Paris Hilton, LiLo

“I’ve never been a drinker. I’ve never gotten into drugs”

Kim Kardashian said there’s a reason she’s avoided being arrested like her ex-pal Paris Hilton was over the weekend, and before that fallen starlet Lindsay Lohan.

“I’ve never been a drinker. I’ve never gotten into drugs,” the 30-year-old “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star told Jay Leno on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.”

Kardashian also credited her “close family” for helping keep her in line, but added that her sisters “do enough drinking to kind of fill up the whole family.”

When she was younger her dad “made it very clear that ‘okay, you’re the responsible one and you have to watch your sister,’” Kardashian said.

She revealed that her late father taught her to drive at age 14 “in case my sister or her friends were going to be drinking.”

Too bad Kardashian was not at the wheel when her younger sister Khloe was busted for a DUI in 2007.

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