Jay-Z's Girl Problem: He Fears a “Spoiled” Daughter

The hip-hop mogul worries daughter Blue Ivy may become "the worst, spoiled little kid ever"

It’s comforting to know Jay-Z has the same fears as most new fathers, and that when it comes to his daughter Blue Ivy Carter, the hip-hop megastar has few illusions.

During Sunday’s “Oprah’s Master Class: Special Edition,” Jay-Z admitted to worrying that Blue Ivy may become “the worst, spoiled little kid ever.”

Ever since singer Beyonce gave birth to the couple’s daughter in January, the pampered tot is almost as discussed and obsessed-over as her famous parents.

“I imagine I'll take things I learned from my mom and things I've learned from raising my nephews and apply that,” the “Glory” singer told Winfrey about how he plans to help keep Blue Ivy grounded. “Then at the end of the day, I just know I'll probably have the worst-spoiled little kid ever.”

This from the "99 Problems" rapper who once boasted, "If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son." 

Dropping the light-hearted tone for a moment, Jay-Z went on to say that, “You’ve also got to enjoy kids while they’re young, because the good vibes between parent and child don’t necessarily last forever.

“Everyone imagines they'll be a great dad until their [kids are] teenagers,” he continued. “[They say], ‘Get away from me, Dad. You're embarrassing me.’”

Teens will be teens, but considering her dad is President Obama's go-to rapper and mom Beyonce was recently named People magazine's "World's Most Beautiful Woman," fears that Blue Ivy may find her parents totally embarrassing will probably never come to fruition.

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