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Hiker dies after getting lost in extreme weather conditions in New Hampshire Mountains

Christopher Roma, 37, was an experienced and well-known hiker who had hiked extensively throughout the White Mountains and beyond

NH Fish and Game

A 37-year-old hiker died this week after becoming lost in extreme weather conditions in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

At 10:20 p.m. Tuesday, New Hampshire Fish and Game Department conservation officers said they received a report of a hiker in distress near Mount Bond in Lincoln. Concerned acquaintances had called 911 after speaking with the hiker by cellphone. The solo male hiker was thought to be in the area of Mount Bond, possibly moving toward Bondcliff.

Eventually, the hiker made contact with 911 and coordinates were obtained that placed the hiker between Mount Bond and Mount Guyot. Before the call was lost, the hiker said that he was very cold. The weather forecast for the area was for heavy winds, temperatures in the single digits and snow.

A rescue effort commenced, and rescuers from New Hampshire Fish and Game, the Pemi Valley Search and Rescue Team and Mountain Rescue Service met at Lincoln Woods. Around 2 a.m. Wednesday, the first rescuers started in.

The rescue effort was slowed because the responders had to trudge through waist-deep snow, and once they were above the tree line they were exposed to heavy winds and blowing snow. Realizing their progress would be slow, they called the New Hampshire National Guard to see if they could attempt to rescue the hiker by helicopter.

Throughout the day, the National Guard flew three separate flights to the Lincoln area, but could never get near Mount Guyot due to low clouds and poor visibility. By early afternoon, ground crews still hadn't reached the hiker.

Around 5 p.m. Wednesday, a team from Mountain Rescue Service was finally able to reach the hiker, but he was already dead. Due to the late hour, all rescuers were told to come down from the mountain for the night. Ground crews departed again before daybreak, but it was ultimately a National Guard helicopter that was able to recover the hiker's body around 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

The dead hiker was identified by authorities as Christopher Roma, of Thornton, New Hampshire. They said he was an experienced and well-known hiker who had hiked extensively throughout the White Mountains and beyond.

According to the Boston Globe, Roma leaves behind a 2-year-old son, Solomon.

In the wake of this week's tragedy, New Hampshire Fish and Game issued a reminder to outdoor enthusiasts that winter conditions have arrived in the state's mountains, and proper attire, including traction devices and snow shoes, are recommended for all hikers. For safe hiking tips and a list of essential gear, visit Outdoor enthusiasts are also encouraged to purchase a Hike Safe card at, which helps support Fish and Game search and rescue activities.

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