Father Shames Daughter By Making Her Hold “Bad Attitude” Sign

“She acts like it’s all about her,” dad says.

It’s her way or the highway – with a “bad attitude” sign.

A North Carolina father publicly shamed his recently suspended teen daughter by forcing her to hold up an embarrassing sign along the side of a highway copping to her misbehavior, WCTI-TV reported.

“I have a bad attitude. I disrespet [sic] people who try to help me,” read one side of Quandria Bryant’s sign.

The other side of the sign visible to passing motorists last week on Highway 17 in New Bern read, “I do what I want, when I want, how I want it.”

Quandria ‘s father Donnell Bryant told WCTI-TV that he’d decided to take action because his 15-year-old daughter had turned into a “mean girl.”

“She acts like it’s all about her,” Bryant said. “At the end of the day, it’s not."

Quandria was forced to hold up the sign around the time her classmates would be getting out of school, her father said.

She was reportedly too embarrassed to show her face to local TV cameras. But WCTI reported she’d taken her father’s punishment to heart.

It wasn't the first time a fed up father in North Carolina made the news for meting out an unconventional punishment.

Back in February, Tommy Jordan's YouTube video that showed him shooting up his misbehaving 15-year-old daughter’s laptop went viral.

An instant poll on Today.com at the time showed that 72 percent of readers found the shooting “appropriate.”

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