Elizabeth Taylor Wills Her Last Husband $800K

Elizabeth Taylor left her seventh and final husband, construction worker "Larry the Lion," more than $800,000 in her will, Larry Fortensky told London's Daily Mail in a story published Sunday.

Fortensky, now 59, told the Daily Mail he was never a gold digger.

"I always worked for a living and I carried on when I was with her. I am a proud man and I like to work. I didn’t want her money," he said.

Youngsters may not remember, but Taylor met Fortensky, a then-foxy high school dropout 20 years her junior, when they were both in rehab. They married in October 1991 at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and divorced in 1996. Fortensky walked away from the marriage with a $1 million settlement, the New York Daily News reported.

Fortensky told the Daily Mail that he and Taylor, who died last month at age 79, had an "instant physical attraction."

"She was funny and sweet, and the more I got to know her the sweeter she became," he said, "Of course she was very pretty and I wasn't too bad-looking in those days either."

Fortensky's sister Donna said Taylor "would call Larry her 'stallion.' He loved that. They were very sexy together. Larry would get up from the table and drag Liz off to the bedroom."

Taylor is believed to have been worth between $600 million and $1 billion, Bloomberg Businessweek Senior Editor Diane Brady said on CBS' "The Early Show on Saturday Morning."

According to the Daily Mail, the bulk of Taylor's fortune will go to her children, grandchildren and the AIDS charities she supported.

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