Deer Photobombs Infant’s Photo Shoot

"She's just another deer at the park. She just so happens to be friendlier than others," park worker says.

Imagine That Photography by Megan Rion

A scene fit for Disney is one way to describe a photo taken by a Louisiana photographer showing a sleeping infant and an approaching doe.

Megan Rion, the owner of Imagine That Photography, a business that specializes in photographs of newborns and children, captured a serene moment Oct. 20 between Maggie, a photogenic deer from Louisiana's Sam Houston Jones State Park in Moss Bluff, and a sleeping infant. Rion said that while she was prepping for a photo shoot of 1-month-old Connor Rogers, the deer came up from behind them.

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"My assistant grabbed an ornamental piece of corn to turn her more facing the camera," Rion said.

The photo is featured on Imagine That Photography's Facebook page and had nearly 2,500 likes and 1,934 shares as of Tuesday afternoon.

The deer had previously appeared in seven of Rion's photo shoots and has its own album on Rion's page. Rion said the doe will let you feed her by hand and pet her head and behind the ears before she disappears back into the woods. She will stay for up to 15 minutes, Rion said.

Sometimes other deer will come with her, but none will get as close as Maggie does, she said.

Rion said that Tiffany Gill Rogers, Connor's mom, was in awe of how calm the deer was as she approached them.

Maggie was dropped off in the park when she was younger, said Damion Saizan, a worker at the state park. The doe was already weaned when it appeared.

"We have no idea who dropped it off," Saizan said. "It must have been bottle fed by people when it was a baby."

Saizan said visitors at the park often take pictures with the deer and post the photos on social media. Maggie can easily be spooked he said, but there is no concern over her interaction with humans.

"She's just another deer at the park. She just so happens to be friendlier than others," he said.

Rion said she can spot Maggie because of a notch in her ear. She plans to return to the park for shoots and hopes that the doe will continue to appear for photos. 

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